My name is Jerome Sparks and I was born and raised in Philadelphia. That means I am a dedicated sports fan, complete with the ‘Philly Attitude’. Just deal with it.

I am a Computer Analyst by trade and have worked as an IT professional for over 30 years. But I always knew there was something more l needed to do.

I’ve always wanted to help people, to share the knowledge, to reach back and bring everyone I could to the top. I guess you could say that I didn’t want to leave anyone behind.

My career has exposed me to the way technology is used in everyday life and right now the Internet is ‘king’.

The Internet gives us access to help, assist, mentor, and train almost every person on the planet. My goal is to teach everyone how to reach everyone else. That way, we all benefit.

My Christian belief and that ‘Philly Attitude’ I mentioned earlier gives me the courage and faith to step out and seek numerous ways to reach and teach the rest of the world.

So, let’s get started. Ask any question that comes to mind. We are a TEAM: Together Each Achieves More.

Contact me at 864.648.9601 or email me at or use my Contact Page
Jerome Sparks